Non stick silicone containers for wax, herbs, spices, balms and more. April 06 2015

  Non Toxic Silicone containers. non stick silicone containers Silicone containers have been a huge hit as of lately and for good reason - nothing sticks to them! With a growing market in marijuana hash and wax products, these containers offer a low cost  solution to storing substances with no lose of product. If you have a hard time scraping up the leftover residue just throw the container in the... - A peer review site for glass pipes, dispensaries, and anything marijuana April 05 2015

  The Best of Cannabis, Hemp, Glass Pipes, Vaporizers on the Web   Earlier this year I created a new marijuana and counter culture website called It's still a work in progress, but today I wish to share it with all you save-a-bowl fans. I like to think of Doperr as a peer review search engine for 420 friendly users. It's sort of like a cross between google, yelp,...

Online Headshop - Glass Pipe and Bowl Saver January 12 2015

Online Headshop So you want to buy a glass pipe but where? You can go to your local Headshop, or maybe visit a nearby state and check out what kind of pipes they have to offer, but both of these options have some huge flaws in the big wide world of commerce. If you decide to visit these head shops in search for your next glass pipe, you will be...

On in 3 Seconds!(Demo Video) September 06 2014

  Three reasons why you should use the "Flip" technique:   1) It is the fastest and easiest way to get your glass pipe locked and loaded!   - I don't know about you, but I certainly wouldn't use a product if it wasn't convenient for me to use. practice makes perfect. Can you get it on in 3 seconds!   2) It helps prevent breakage of the save-a-bowl band!...
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