On in 3 Seconds!(Demo Video) September 06 2014


Three reasons why you should use the "Flip" technique:


1) It is the fastest and easiest way to get your glass pipe locked and loaded!

  - I don't know about you, but I certainly wouldn't use a product if it wasn't convenient for me to use. practice makes perfect. Can you get it on in 3 seconds!


2) It helps prevent breakage of the save-a-bowl band!

  - While the life span of a save-a-bowl is pretty high when used on the correct sized pipe, nothing last for ever. By putting your fingers underneath the band, or over stretching the band  to get it on your pipe, you create an unnecessary strain on your save-a-bowl. Mimic the technique used in the video and you can extend the life of your save-a-bowl.


Note: the save-a-bowl was not created to fit on ever tobacco or glass pipe ever made, however it was made to fit on most average size spoons(~80%). If you have to really stretch out the save-a-bowl to get it on your pipe, the chances are your pipe is to big for the save-a-bowl. While it may work for a while, it will wear down significantly faster than if you had the correct fit. I have been using the same Save-A-Bowl for over 3 years with no visible problems.  Using the flip method is definately to your advantage if you have an over sized pipe.


3) You look like a genius!

  - Here in the great state of Colorado we run into consumers who have either gotten a save-a-bowl for a dispensary or from a local headshop. To our surprise  many of these consumers try to shimmy their save-a-bowl on.  When we show them how to but it on using the flip technique their jaws drop and 60% of the times we get referred to as geniuses just for this simple demonstration - look out Einstein!