Online Headshop - Glass Pipe and Bowl Saver January 12 2015

Online Headshop

So you want to buy a glass pipe but where?

You can go to your local Headshop, or maybe visit a nearby state and check out what kind of pipes they have to offer, but both of these options have some huge flaws in the big wide world of commerce.

If you decide to visit these head shops in search for your next glass pipe, you will be very limited to the pipes that the shop owner or manger thinks is cool and this means your selection is going to be very limited compared to the variety of glass pipes you will find online.

Aside for a limited selection, you will also be subject to higher prices do to over head of a retail shop, and you will have to pay sales tax on the glass pipes you buy. 

All of these reasons are why you should consider checking out as many online headshops as possible. Because google and other search engines don't allow for the promotion of glass pipes or headshops it can be a daugnting task trying to find the perfect shop to buy from, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try.

The first thing you would do is use multiple search engines to search for the key words that fit what you are looking for.

Many people will type in search terms like headshop and online headshop, or maybe smoke shop/online smokeshops in hopes of finding the biggest and most reputable online headshop, but unfortunately that really won't yield the best results.

So maybe you switch your search terms to glass pipes,smoking pipes, or tobacco pipes but then the number of online headshop really shoot threw the roof.

If you are looking for smoking glass pipes, I would recommend starting with a social network as many artist will post their pictures online. Glass blowers tend to have some production pipes that they can make quick and sell to headshops so that the headshops can double or tripple the price for a nice profit, but they also make unique glass pipes and can cater to your want and needs.

Online communities can also link directly to online headshops that others recommend. This can be very helpful seeing as you are now hearing from others what headshops are good and not just the search engine that may rank the online headshop do to key words.

The benefits of online headshops are that they offer a large selection of glass pipes and other smoking goods at a lower cost due to competition and also lower over head costs. The down side is that you can't get a physical feel for the glass pipe.


Glass Smoking Pipes

When searching an online headshop for glass pipes, make sure that the descriptions have several pictures of the pipe including close ups. 

Because the glass pipes are hand made they will vary in sizes,shapes and colors, so look for sentences that say "actual pipe" or "pipes may vary". Also look for dimensions such as pipe length, pipe width,bowl diameter, and bowl depth.

Finally you will want to make sure the glass pipe was made out of borsilicate glass and not soft glass, and the glass should be annealed to resist cracking in the future.