- A peer review site for glass pipes, dispensaries, and anything marijuana April 05 2015


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Earlier this year I created a new marijuana and counter culture website called It's still a work in progress, but today I wish to share it with all you save-a-bowl fans.

I like to think of Doperr as a peer review search engine for 420 friendly users. It's sort of like a cross between google, yelp, pintrest, and reddit.

The concept was simple - let people post marijuana related links that user vote on, and then rank the links accordingly.

The more the votes, the higher up the list the link would be. 

My original plan was to give each links a +1 for every UP VOTE it received and then sort the links in a descending manner. If the user wished to find something specific like a giant glass bong, a marijuana blog, a dispensary, a cannabis recipe, or pretty much anything that fits into the counter culture life style, they could use the search box to filter the links and those results would also be ranked in a descending order based on votes.

As I got started on the project, I began to question my initial strategy. I realized I needed a plan for listing newly posted links in a manner that would give them a fair shake against older links that had already generated votes.

It proved to be a difficult task to solve so I eventually just decided on allowing for a couple different views.

The "View" represents how the user sorts the links:

  • Top View - This view ranks all posts based on a popularity algorithm where all new post get the highest possible ranking score. The more time passes without an upvote the more the score depreciates. In this view both votes and time matter.
  • New View- Shows links in order from newest to oldest.
  • Best View - Shows links in a descending order from all time highest votes to all time lowest.
  • Single Day View - Shows links from given day.
  • Daily View - Spits out a chronological list of post sorted by days. So the list would show today’s posts and then move into yesterday, then the day before and so on.

In addition to the views, you can also sort the links by categories. At the moment categories are only ranked from highest votes to lowest votes, but in the future you would also be able to use the different views with the category filter as well

The reason I built this site is because google and every other search engine ranks sites on SEO practices and will not allow for marijuana dispensaries, headshops,glass blowers, vaporizers or other industry type content to be advertised, which really means we see very little in terms of what  the counter culture industry has to offer.

There are so many incredible glass artists, unique cannabis related products, and other 420 inspired products that can't be found due to a lack of SEO and web development knowledge. I decided people should be in charge of what links are shown on the front page not a piece of software.

It's very rare to see big changes in the top positions on sites like goolge because the software search engines use rank pages based on data such like keywords and backlinks. If that data never changes, and their competitors don't do better, the links never move from their position.

I wanted to be a powerful tool to help grow the industry, but it's success depend on others to share the best content and links they come across.

I can't wait to see the dopest oil rig, the largest bong ever made, the sickest headshop, the best 420 bed and breakfast, or the ultimate marijuana dispensary to shop at - and I hope you guys can't either.

If you haven't done so yet, check out the site - add a link, tell a friend, and lets help others see the cannabis world we see!