Glass Smoking Pipes

If you already have a smoking pipe, you can measure the bowl portion of it to see which save-a-bowl will fit. If you don't already have a smoking pipe, you can find one on our etsy shop. There you will find a number of smoking pipes that come paired with a perfectly well fitting bowl saver so there is no guessing if it will fit or not.

Also be sure to check out our new "Trusty" plugs for cleaning smoking pipes, water pipes, bongs, and more. those can be found on etsy or here on our site: Silicone plugs

All our silicone products are the cheapest on the market but the highest quality available. They are must haves for all smoking pipes made of glass,metal,wood,ceramic and more.


The Listings below are for the save-a-bowl pipe cover only - The smoking pipes are not included!

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