Non Stick Silicone Containers and Mats

Non Stick silicone containers are ideal for all kinds of oils and waxes.Mess Free!Non Toxic!Water Resistant!Heat Resistant!



non stick silicone containers
Non Toxic Silicone containers.

non stick silicone containers

Silicone containers have been a huge hit as of lately and for good reason - nothing sticks to them!

With a growing market in marijuana hash and wax products, these containers offer a low cost solution to storing substances with no lose of product. If you have a hard time scraping up the leftover residue just throw the container in the freezer for a half an hour and it will pop right out.

The silicone containers have a significant use in the beauty product industry as well, especially for lip balms. While not all silicone containers are created equal, those with a great seal can prevent water from getting to the content in certain conditions. Anyone who has left chap-stick in their pocket when washing clothes can attest to the benefits of a water proof container.

These silicone containers are also great for storing small amounts of herbs and spices in the kitchen or even taking them on the go to season your lunch, dinner, or snack.

No Goo Silicone containers

No matter what you plan on doing with them, we have non stick silicone containers in different sizes and come up with new designs from time to time.

Non stick no toxic silicone mats and trays

To go a long with the containers, we also stock non stick silicone mats, non stick silicone trays and non stick silicone dishes.

All of our non stick silicone products are made from food grade silicone and can be used for baking, oil extractions, and other sticky situations.

They are non toxic and can withstand temperatures from 430 degrees - 485 degrees depending on what product it is.

If you have an question or concerns about our silicone products, or if you have any suggestion feel free to drop us a line.


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