Load Your Pipe Now, Smoke It Later!

Load your pipe now and smoke it later is the save-a-bowl motto, but that is certainly not the only way to use the save a bowl. Many customers want to save their legal herbs for later use, and use the save-a-bowl to keep their goods protected in their pipe until then. This is often the case when smoking things like herbal blends and harsh products. After the effects have began to kick in there is really no need to keep smoking!

Strap on a save-a-bowl and your pipe is ready to go into your pocket,bag,glove box, drawer, or even just laying out in the open.

The save-a-bowl is easy to use and helps save money just as easily. Stop over consuming and wasting your hard earned dollars by using our non toxic silicone bowl wraps.

Demo:Save-a-Bowl on Glass Pipe

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