McGirr Collection "CupCake" bowl Savers for glass pipe


1 Limited Edition Patrick Mcgirr Save-A-Bowl Included!

This silicone band wraps snug around most glass pipes. It protects un-smoked and partially smoked tobacco and any other legal herb from spilling and can be transported safely in a pocket, bag, purse etc. Because it is made of silicone the save a bowl will prevent sliding on many surfaces and is ideal for the person who leaves their smoking pipe on their car seat or console while driving. Load your pipe before a concert, school(college), sporting event, get together or even a night out on the town and enjoy every minute of discretion.


- Load now smoke later! No need to worry about loading up in public.

- Take a toke or two and save the rest. Great tool for reducing nicotine consumption and  winging off of tobacco.

- Limit how much you smoke. It is a fact that we smoke beyond our means. When you only have one bowl with you, your option to smoke more does not exist. Out of sight - out of mind!

- Keep what's in the bowl - In, and what's out - Out

***Won't fit pipes that have less then a 4.6 inch circumference! ***
1)To measure take a piece of string, shoelace ,yarn etc and hold one of it's ends to the bottom of the pipe(the bowl side, not the mouth side) with one of your thumbs.
2)Take your other hand and wrap the string around to the top of the bowl so that it crosses over the center of the section where you actually load the tobacco, and finish wrapping around the until you get back to the thumb holding the end of the string.
3) You should now have the string wrapped one time around the bowl creating a circle or oval type shape. The length from the begging of the string to the point you marked is the circumference. All you have to do is measure that length. For the most accuracy you should use thinner pieces of string and mark it with a marker or pen, stretch it out and then measure it.
4) If your measurement comes out to be between 4.6 inches and 6.2 inches the save-a-bowl should fit.


Three reasons why you should use the "Flip" technique:



Disclaimer: Save-a-bowl products are made for use with tobacco pipes and are only intended to be used with tobacco and/or any other legal substances that such smoking pipes may accommodate. The legality of various substances differ from region to region, State to State, Territory to Territory etc. but in general 18 years of age is the limit on tobacco sales so you must be 18+ years old to order.


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