You've made it to the official Save-A-Bowl Website!
From avid to leisure smokers and everything in-between, the save-a-bowl is a must have accessory that will pay for it's self many times over. Originally designed for on the go tokers, it quickly proved it's virtue for in home use as well, making it one of the most commonly used tobacco pipe accessory on the market. 
Some common uses include but are not limited to:
  • Loading a glass or metal tobacco pipe in a private and secure place for later consumption.
  • Saving, Storing, and Protecting a partially smoked bowl.
  • Eliminating the need to carry more then is needed.


While the uses may seem pretty self explanatory, it is easy to overlook how common it is to be in need of a save-a-bowl for one of the very reasons listed above. Luckily we here at saveabowl.com are blessed enough to have customers email us with various circumstances that the save-a-bowl came to the rescue, and we would like to share a few with you - the short version of course!


  • Knock at the door, oh sh#@, had the save-a-bowl on in seconds, in my pocket it went. False alarm - forgot I ordered pizza!  Unlike other instances where I needed to pocket my piece, my valuables where still in the pipe one not floating around in lint. "Thanks Save-a-Bowl!"
  • I go to lots of house parties and nothing irritates me more then the  "scavenger smoker", with the save-a-bowl, I now load my pipe in private put it in my pocket, find my buddies and enjoy. The best part is that I can say I only brought one bowl or even just throw on the save-a-bowl and put it back in my pocket when the scavengers come around.
  • I used to always smoke the whole bowl even though I didn't need to. Mainly this was out of fear that it would spill all over no matter where I put it. I then started using other things like plastic wrap or pennies with tape. While these worked fine, they create a lot of waste and cost more money over time. The save-a-bowl not only takes care of these issues, it looks nice too. "I love my save-a-bowl!"

Over the last couple of years we have gotten many emails similar to the snippets you just read. We did not expect to get these emails, nor did we solicit any of them, but we definately recognized two things:

  1. Customers love them!
  2. We needed to find away to reward these types of customers for going out of their way to show their support.

Starting on October 1st, 2014 we will be implementing a customer rewards program for users that use instagram to show how they use their save-a-bowl. The details can be found on our customers rewards page.


NOTICE: The save-a-bowl is intended to be used only with legal herbs and substances that provide medicinal, spiritual, and relaxation properties and you must be 18 years of age or older to purchase one.





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