Silicone Containers(wholesale-50 Pack 35mm)


Silicone Containers (50pack)

Bigger size than most you see on the market!

These containers are made with non-toxic food grade silicone and can withstand temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit which makes them Idea for a number of applications from lip balms, cosmetics, waxes, oils, spices & herbs, and much more.

The non-stick silicone containers also have a tight water proof seal, so whatever you store in them stays safe.

Size: 6 ml capacity

Silicone Container Outer Dimensions:
Diameter- 3.5 cm(1.4 inches)
Height- 2cm(0.8 inches)

Silicone Container Inner Dimension:
Volume - 6 ml
Depth- 1.7 cm(.62 inches)
Diameter- 2.3cm(0.9 inches)

From multi-compartment silicone containers to miniature silicone containers we have the right size for you.

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