Magnetic Save-A-Bowl


The Magnetic Save-A-Bowl was created to help parents hide smoking supplies from kids. It works with Pipes, Non Stick, and Medical containers to help you creatively hide and organize your smoking supplies.

Stop storing your pipes and containers in drawers, cupboards, and in other places that would be obvious exploration grounds for a snoop!

With the magnetic save-a-bowl, a closet is a very good option to hide your goods. The magnetic save-a-bowl comes with two very strong magnets. One magnet is inside the save-a-bowl band and the other you will use to pinch the fabric and hold the pipe or container in place. I like to use plain shirts with no pockets and attach the magnets at the armpit.

Mounting metal washers or sheetmetal to walls, or inside bigger objects is also very useful.Be sure to use common sense when installing a magnetic mounting points.

What's Included:
- 1 save-a-bowl band
- 2 Strong Neodium magnets( to allow for attachment to hanging clothes).

"Notice: This sale does not include pipe nor container"
"Notice: You must be 18+ to purchase this item"
"Notice: Use at your own risk. We are not responsible for broken pipes! Use common sense when in deciding where and how to use the magnetic save-a-bowl"

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