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Glass Pipe – Pipes of the day!

Glass Pipe Special

If you are looking for the perfect cheap yet durable glass pipe then we have an offer for you.

This pipe is made out of borosilicate glass and is fumed with silver, so the more you smoke out of it the more exciting the colors get. It comes with a silicone bowl savers(save-a-bowls) to secure your goods, and three cleaning plugs to make cleaning a breeze. You can buy it from our shop on Etsy here.

color changing glass pipe,silicone save-a-bowl,cleaning plugs
Borosilicate Glass Pipe, Silicone Bowl Wrap, Cleaning Plug Combo on Etsy
secondary glass pipe product picture showing save a bowl on pipe
Image: Pipe with Save-A-Bowl on Etsy

We will continually update this page with new glass pipes from Etsy, so if you don’t like this particular one be sure bookmark this page and check back often for new deals.

Why Glass Pipes?

Glass is the most stable and no-toxic smoking medium that exists, which is why we will only recommend these types of pipes to you.

Are the Silicone bowl covers safe though?

Yes, they are safe as long as they are not being directly heated with a lighter. The flame of a lighter can reach over 1,000 degrees and most silicone can’t even come close to withstanding that kind of temperature, so you may want to stay away from silicone pipes even thought they have glass inserts.

Special #2

2 Pack Borosilicate glass pipes. These Sherlock inspired pipes can stand on their own and come with a matching cabochon bowl saver to keep content secure as well as three cleaning plug to make cleaning a breeze. This package is perfect for birthday or Christmas presents where you not only get your loved one a gift but you also treat your self. Buy Here.

Image- product picture of 2 glass pipes with bowl saver(save-a-bowls) and cleaning plugs.

1 black sherlock pipe and 1 blue sherlock pipe
Image: Color changing glass pipe, save-a-bowl, and cleaning plugs on Etsy
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Delta 8 FAQs – What you need to know

Delta 8 FAQs - What you need to know

What is Delta 8?

Delta 8 is a close relative to Delta 9 which is the chemical compound found in cannabis that is recognized for it’s intoxicating properties that most people refer to as a “high”.

Does Delta 8 get you high?

D-8 does effect the endocrine system, however, most people will respond differently to it. Some describe the effects as a “light high”, while others may notice a type of distraction that essentially makes you forget about the pain your body may be experiencing. The only real way to know if it will get you high is to try it.

How high will get you?

Not very high. If you have ever smoke ditch weed – that’s typically about as high as you will get, although as companies essentially have the ability to extract and concentrate the Delta 8 compound it is very possible to get large doses that will get you higher. If you have never smoked ditch weed, think about the high as being more euphoric and short lived, but don’t go find ditch weed to try because you’ll end up with a headache.

Is Delta 8 legal?

Kind of. It technically is legal under the 2018 Farm Bill that allows for the sale and use of hemp. The only compound explicitly banned is Delta-9 THC, however there are two caveats to think about:

  1. Is the compound being extracted from hemp plants only?
  2. Is the way the cannabinoid processed considered a natural derivative?

If the D-8 is extracted from cannabis plants then it is illegal to sell and use under Federal Laws. If the way it is processed can be considered man made(un-natural), then under the Synthetic Drug Abuse Act or similar laws.

Note: D8 is available naturally in such a small quantity that chemists actually use a chemical process to convert other cannabinoids into Delta-8. For this reason it will likely be considered illegal in most cases.

Is it legal to buy?

Delta 8 may be legal to purchase depending on how it’s processed and where it comes from. Check with local or Federal Law enforcement before purchasing.

Is it legal to sell Delta 8?

This again depends on how it is processed, You may want to consult a Lawyer first.

Should I try Delta 8?

Why? There are plenty of other legal “highs” that cost less. If you really want the effect of cannabis you should help legalize it! First move to a State where it is legal, then call you former state representatives and let them know why you left your state, and finally vote.

Save-A-Bowl Home Page

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Pyptek Prometheus Pipe And Save-A-Bowl

Pyptek prometheus metal and glass pipes
Prometheus pipes from Pyptek – Includes a save-a-bowl

If you are looking for a durable pipe that your save-a-bowl will fit perfectly you may be interested in the “Prometheus” pipe made by Pyptek.

The Prometheus is hybrid smoking pipe made of aluminum and glass which attempts to produce a smoking experience on par with glass pipe while providing the strength and protection of a rock.

The pipe has 4 main body parts, a metal screen, and a few rubber o-rings and each part can be replaced it gets damaged.

The main body parts are: one aluminum bowl housing, one glass bow insert, one aluminum shaft housing, one glass tube insert.

When the parts are fitted together the hybrid pipe looks like a glass pipe inside a metal pipe , although it is not exactly that.

Most glass pipes have a round chamber bellow the bowl that fills up with smoke before releasing the carb, but the promethius has a metal chamber. While I wasn’t initially thrilled with the metal chamber, it turns there are two great benefits that come from this design:

  1. When the chamber is not gunked up with resin, the metal acts as a heat sink and cools down the smoke as it passes threw the chamber which in turn creates a smoother hit that helps prevent coughing.
  2. The chamber is easily accessible by unscrewing the metal housing so cleaning is super simple provided you clean it frequently.

The draw back of the design is that it can be incredibly hard to unscrew the metal housing if too much resin builds up, but since it is so easy to clean otherwise, owners should clean their pipe frequently. It’s all about pipe hygiene people!

One added benefit is that the Prometheus also comes with a Pyptek branded save-a-bowl, but if you already have a regular sized save-a-bowl it will fit on the Prometheus perfectly.

Choose a Save-A-Bowl to match your pipe.

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Helix Pipe – American Helix – Best Pipe!

The Helix Pipe by American Helix
The Helix Pipe – Arguably the best functioning smoking pipe on the market!

The helix pipe is not just a sexy piece of glass, it is also one of the best functional smoking pipe styles in existence.

Many companies make such a pipe, but some do it better than the rest.

What set’s the competition apart you ask?

Two things – design, and craftsmanship!

Even though the shape of the helix pipe can also be considered part of the design, in this article we are referring to the character of the pipe created when the artist adds colors and additional glass to either the inside of the pipe, the outside of the pipe, or both. And the Craftsmanship refers to symmetrical and structural shape of the Helix chamber.

The design is primarily put in place to please the eye, but the esthetics of the pipe is still very important. Just as the dark hues of the color blue will suppress your appetite, the character of the helix pipe can similarly affect your smoking enjoyment. Many tokers choose a smoking pipe with colors that speak to them and you would be hard pressed to find a smoker who prefers a plain clear-glass pipe, but the shape of the helix pipe is so beautiful and yet so simplistic that it’s cylindrical beauty can be appreciated without any addition at all.

There are many manufactures and many variations to suit your needs, but when it comes down to the functionality of the helix pipe we need to start talking symmetrical perfection. The main purpose of this style pipe is to provide a smooth consistent toke that cools down the smoke before it enters the mouth. If this symmetry is off by any amount it not only makes the pipe look less than stellar, it also harsh-ens the hit due to the elevated temperatures of the smoke hitting the esophagus and lungs; As any cannabis smoker can attest to – harsh tokes make it difficult to enjoy the taste of the bud and ultimately leaves one wishing they had made a better pipe selection.

How the Helix Pipe Works

The helix pipe cools down the smoke by mixing air that is stored in the huge chamber of the stem and the combusted smoke being drawn threw the bowl. During this exchange the cooler chambered air and the hotter combusted smoke create a pressure differential that allows for efficient mixing, thereby dropping the temperature of the smoke before it hits the esophagus and lungs. It is this desirable effect puts the helix styled smoking pipe on par with a water pipe such as a bubbler that uses water as the cooling agent. See picture below as a reference.

Heat exchange from a helix pipe.
How the Helix pipe works

So what does this mean if the helix chamber is not blown perfectly? – hotter smoke, a lousy tornado visual of the two bodies of air mixing, and a lop sided looking pipe.

Who makes the best Helix Pipe?

In my opinion the master of the helix style pipe is American Helix. If you are looking for great looking functional piece you need to check them out, and if not you should still check out their Instagram page. Not only are their pipes great, they also take some truly amazing photos and videos.

If you’re new to smoking and aren’t sure what type of pipe to choose – check out this article: Best Pipe To Smoke Out Of


  • Why Smoke from a Helixical pipe? To save your lungs and enjoy the true essence of your herbs.
  • What makes the Helixical pipe effective? The mixture between the large cool air reserve located in the pipes stem and the combustible smoke from the herbs.
  • Who makes the best Helix pipe? American Helix
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Blazy Susan – Making A Splash on Etsy

Blazy Susan logo - from
Blazy Susan Logo

The Blazy Susan Brand Is making noise on Etsy

The other day I was browsing Etsy to see what was shaking in the world of small business entrepreneurs when I came a cross a brand called “Blazy Susan”. At first glance I didn’t think much of the 3 pink rolling cones being offered up at $7.99, but as I kept browsing Etsy’s endless list of smoking pipes more and more Blazy Susan products popped up in the search results with a caption that read: ‘BestSeller’.

I remember thinking to my self, “how could everyone of Blazy Susan’s products be a best seller?”, after all they are basically just a pink over priced version of products that are already on the market. “Could it be that throwing a pink branding scheme onto a product would increase it’s value and popularity?”

After scrolling a few more pages of glass pipes I finally gave in and decided to check out the Blazy Susan shop hoping to find something unique, or at the very least some insight as to how this company was selling so many overpriced items, but it turn out there was really nothing to find.

They had some good reviews and from what I could gather their customer base appeared to be made up entirely of women; so maybe this brand had a whole movement around it?

Normally I would just leave Well Enough alone, but this time I took a journey to Blazy Susan’s website and clicked on the “About Us” link. I really just needed to get to the bottom of how such a young company was making such a splash with ordinary products and a shit ton of competition.

Expecting to find a mission statement along the lines of feminism, I was shocked to see the Founder and CEO was a male; but perhaps even more surprised to find that there was no intrinsic massage nor meaning behind the Blazy Susan brand and color scheme.

A more curious mind might have scoured social media trying to figure out what this brand is all about, but I was to lazy to break out the Tor browser and log into my fake accounts just to look for a bigger meaning when the truth was probably staring me right in the face. My guess is that “Blazy Susan” is nothing more than a brilliant marketing ploy, and if it is kudo’s to you Will!

You see – women leave more reviews, are more likely to buy a product based on identity and status rather than it’s practicality, and much more likely to share with friends than there male counter parts. All this knowledge is backed up in study after study so hold your tongue before labeling me a misogynist; it’s just science!

If this is indeed the strategy Blazy Susan is taking it is both brilliant and disgusting depending on who you ask. The brilliant side of the strategy is that the company will not only profit more by over charging consumers, they will also rise threw the digital ocean of competitors by using the same consumers to increase their SEO ranking and social media network – in other words Blazy Susan is trying to become the “Supreme” version of the cannabis industry. If you have never heard of the brand “Supreme” you should look it up, especially if you are looking to pay $1,000 for a crowbar with the word “Supreme” printed on it that could otherwise find for $1 at the Dollar Tree on a lucky day.

In any case, maybe you like the logo, pink color, and paying more for products – if so you can find Blazy Susan products on their website or on their Blazy Susan Etsy shop. There seems to be quite a bit of interest in the Blazy Susan brand according to Etsy so check them out if that’s your thing.

Like pink – check this out: Save-A-Bowl


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Marijuana Subscription Box Service

Image: Marijuana Subscription Box Service - Nugg Club
Image – Nugg Club Logo

Marijuana Subscription Box Service Rising Up

If you live in California, love subscription boxes and deals, then you are in luck because the first Marijuana Subscription Box service is here.

A company in California named Nugg Club has started a new subscription box service that not only delivers marijuana directly to subscribers but is claims to do so at a discounted rate. In fact they claim that as a subscriber you will receive a $225 value for $99 + CA tax.

If you have ever ordered a subscription box before, you have likely been disappointed by the curated products delivered to your door, but fear NOT – Nugg Club offers you the ability to cancel at any time and only selects the top 3% of the highest peer reviewed cannabis products their vendors have to offer. You can also skip a box whenever you want, so there is no pressure to consume at an uncomfortable rate if you still have a bunch of product left over, and no need to continue paying monthly if you are satisfied with the service.

Now, if you are more of the type of person who likes to see what you get before you buy, you might still want to give this service a try at least once considering you can cancel at any time. If Nugg Club’s words ring true, not only do you get a killer deal on pricing, you will also save on taxes which are quite hefty in California. According to their marketing page, they make it seem as thought $24 Premium Organic Eighths are possible with an add on feature.

After your first box, access add-on products for 40-60% off retail pricing. Premium organic eighths for $24? Yes, please!

If you can indeed pick up an eighth once of premium grade organic cannabis for $24 + tax, that is a bargain for sure!

Unfortunately I don’t live in California, or in a State where delivery of marijuana is possible yet, but if this subscription box was available in my jurisdiction I would give it a shot. This would be an especially useful service now that covid-19 rules are making shopping experiences not so nice!


Premium highly rated cannabis, Discount Prices, Delivery Included – The new marijuana subscription box service is starting off on the right foot. How I envy Californians!

Curious what the best type of pipe to smoke out of is?Best Smoking Pipes

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What’s the best type of pipe to smoke out of?

Best type of pipe for smoking - not this wood pipe
Traditional wood smoking pipe used for tobacco – NOT THIS ONE!!!

Best type of pipe for smoking

Smoking herbal substances can be quite relaxing and enjoyable when smoked out of the correct pipe, but more often than not we tend to choose a smoking pipe for the wrong reasons and end up paying the price for it.

If you are a novice smoker you are probably rolling your eyes right about now and probably considering not reading any more of this article, after all a pipe is a pipe is a pipe – right?… Well Not Exactly!

Smoking pipes can be made out of many materials; some more hazardous than others. And while non smokers will question whether or not a smoker truly cares about their own health, I know for a fact that most smokers do. Not everyone is a chronic smoker! Some of us like to smoke recreationally and see no harm in the occasional toke or two. I know cigarette smokers that also seem to care a great deal about their health – they just can’t kick the habit. The point is, someones smoking habit does not dictate that they should inflict further damage on their lungs by using smoking pipes that are toxic when other options available.

To be clear not many pipes are carcinogenic, and this post is more about selecting the correct pipe for your need, but it is in my opinion that certain types of pipes should not be sold or used for smoking. These pipe are: Clay(ceramic) pipes, Silicone pipes, and Resin pipes. We will dive into why in a minute, but first let me suggest the two types of pipes I recommend in case you are in a hurry.

The Two Best Types Of Pipes for Smoking out of are:

  • Pipes made from “Glass” – recommended for all substances
  • Pipes made from “Wood” – recommended for serious tobacco smokers only

The reason glass is the recommended material for pipes is due to it’s chemical composition. Glass is both a liquid and solid at the same time which gives it some great overall properties. The structure of glass makes impermeable and smooth with no crevasses for bacteria to live in. But perhaps the most beneficial property is it’s resistance to heat . A lighter will never be able to get glass hot enough to melt. We will touch base on this more later on in this article.

The recommendation for “Wood Smoking Pipes” is only for tobacco. Most tobacco smokers who enjoy the pipe tobacco seem to enjoy the flavor that the pipe has built up over time, as well as the smokiness from the burning wood. While a glass pipe would also build up with residue if not cleaned, the build up would not include the smokey wood flavor. Wood is also a natural substance that is consider harmless to humans, but burning wood is not harmless at all. In fact the only reason a wood pipe is included along side a glass pipe is because wood pipes are like a religion to tobacco pipe smokers, but ultimately I would never recommend anyone use a wood pipe for smoking if they were open to using a glass pipe.

Now that the synopsis is out of the way let move on to the pros and cons of different type pipes.

Ceramic Pipes

Ceramic Pipes: These kind of pipes may seem harmless at fist glance, after all they are made out clay and generally covered in glaze(glass). But the problem with ceramic smoking pipes is that they are fragile and if they chip, crack, or any of the glaze comes off they will start emitting silica dust into the air you are sucking in. This silica does not break down, and your lungs can’t excrete it. This can eventually lead to lungs disease and cancer. The same is true with glass if it break, but glass will generally not keep flaking and producing dust.

If the ceramic pipe has a thick coat of glaze it will be safer to use, however as smokers we like to clean our pipes and sometimes jam pokers into the which is likely to damage the glaze coat at some point exposing the clay/ceramic material. This is the most serious concern as you you won’t know it is damaged and might keep smoking out of it for years and for that reason I don’t recommend ceramic smoking pipes be used.

– Can be made thick which makes the pipe strong
and also helps cool down the smoke before it hits the
lungs creating a smooth toke.

– Can be made molded and shaped by artist to look like anything they want.
– Fairly fragile, easy to break.

– If Glaze comes off, or pipe cracks/ fractures on inside without user knowing it will produce silica which can cause lungs disease and/or cancer.
Pros and Cons for Ceramic Smoking Pipes

Silicone Pipes

Silicone Pipes: Silicone pipes have really take off over the past several years due to China’s manufacturing capabilities and interest in the Cannabis market place. The appeal of these kinds of pipes are two fold: first they are nearly indestructible unless you put a flame to them, and second, they are made into all kinds of interesting designs but the really reason they got so big is because manufactures started knock off trademarked products like star wars and Pokemon characters, and also started marketing them as safe!

The truth is that silicone is safe to humans, but just like wood pipes if it is heated to it’s burning point it will release very harmful toxins. Even though most silicone smoking pipes will have a piece of glass inside, the glass is general thin and only located inside the bowl portion of the pipe and does not extend down the shaft or stem of the pipe. The cherry(burning portion of plant matter) gets up to and sometimes over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, and a standard Bic lighter can reach just about 1000 degrees Fahrenheit too. The heat resistant silicone used to make most of the silicone pipes is around 480 Fahrenheit and will start off gassing and burning somewhere above 480 F. So if you smoke out of a silicone pipe you are most likely going to be getting lungs full of chemically and toxins. Not to mention the demand has drawn more manufactures into the market, and to under cut the competition they use cheaper silicone which may have a lower temperature rating.

– Hard to Break
– Cool designs and colors
– Cost is Cheap
– Easy to burn and release toxins
– Many types of silicone used so it’s hard to know the quality.
– Pretty much all coming from China
Silicone Smoking Pipe Pros and Cons

Metal Pipes

Metal Smoking Pipes: If you are not looking to only smoke tobacco, then the runner up after glass pipes is a metal pipe.

Metal pipes can obviously be made out of any kind of metal which is something to look out for. Many metal have a toxic element to them either from the manufacturing process or just naturally. While most people would know to stay away from lead, there are plenty of other metal that they would know they should stay away from and unfortunately many businesses just want the quick profit and don’t care about the customers health twenty years down the line.

There aren’t too many benefits to using a metal pipe other than durability. The tend to get too hot to hold and retain the heat for quite a while; they generally have a metallic taste no mater what you smoke out of it; you might have to be careful when cleaning them as the can react with certain types of solvents and cleaners . If you are gonna use a metal pipe it’s best to use one that has glass inside and is only metal on the out side.

– Durability
– Better than silicone,ceramic,resin, and wood pipes
– Metallic taste
– Potentially Toxic
– Gets hot to touch really fast
Pros and Cons for Metal Smoking Pipes

Glass Pipes

Glass Smoking Pipes: Glass is definitely the ideal medium for smoking. It can withstand high temperatures and does not produces and toxins if it does get too hot. It also can be cleaned easily and doesn’t harbor bacteria due to porosity, although it is important to mention that bacteria can reside and harbor on the resin that builds up over time, so keep the pipe clean. Keeping the pipe clean not only keeps the bacteria from growing it also makes for a smooth and clean taste of the product you are consuming.

The down sides to glass pipes are that they can get pretty hot to hold and break easily when dropped if they are thick enough. Most of the time the glass artist does make a thick enough pipe that can withstand a lot of abuse so this isn’t really even a problem unless you like buying $2 pipes. With that said there is one other thing to be aware of when it come to glass smoking pipes – if they are not annealed correctly they can crack and even shatter sometimes due to extreme changes in temperature or pressure. This is again something that doesn’t happen too often, but something to be aware of. So if you keep a pipe in your unheated garage that gets to zero degrees you might want to hold the pipe in your hands to warm it up for a few seconds before putting a lighter to it.

– Safe
– Stylish
– Huge selection
– Very very high heat tolerance with no off gassing even if temp gets too high
– Can be poorly made and break easily
– Can crack due to temperature if not annealed correctly by artist
– Can produces small silica particles like ceramic pipes if cracked, but no where as bad as ceramic.(throw cracked pipe away!)
Pros and Cons for Glass Smoking Pipes

Wood Pipe

Wood Smoking Pipe: Wood pipes should really never be smoke out of, but if you are a piped tobacco smoker then you undoubtedly disagree. Sure, they might give one of the best flavor profile when it comes to tobacco, but at what cost? Burning wood may not be as bad as inhaling silica or plastic particles, they again it can be just as bad or worse. There are a lot of studies that show how harmful burning wood smoke is, so maybe do a bit of research if you are considering smoking pipe tobacco and see if the flavor of the wood is really that important for you. Now a days you can get some e-juice that might give you a similar flavor in glass pipe. E-juice is probably better, but I am in no way condoning it as it comes with it’s own risks.

– Flavor profile for tobacco
– Natural Material
– Possibly better than ceramic
– Burning wood being inhaled; toxic
– Never thoroughly cleaned: possible bacteria and virus harbor
Pros and Cons of Wood Smoking Pipes


Glass pipes are the gold standard of smoking pipes when it comes to smoking herbal plants. Metal pipes with glass inserts come in second, and metal pipes made of safe metals such stainless steel or titanium are third.

Wood pipes if you are strictly a hardcore tobacco smoker and aren’t into the modern era – otherwise stay away!

Also stay away from ceramic pipes, clay pipes, porcelain pipe, silicone pipes, plastic/resin pipes, and probably pipes made form rocks, gems, and crystals.