Cleaning Plugs for Pipes

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Silicone cleaning plugs:

Plugs made for easily cleaning smoking pipes, and more. Made from platinum cured silicone for superior chemical resistance and longevity.

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Silicone plugs used for cleaning bongs, rigs, and smoking pipes(SEE BELOW TO SELECT CORRECT PACKAGE)

Package #1 should fit all hand pipes. Plug list is at the bottom of this page. If you need package #2, click the link below.

Package #2 cleaning plugs fit everything from a mini hand pipe to water pipes with a 2″ tube. If you are looking for a mess free way to clean all of your glass while saving tons of money on cleaning solution then this package is for you!

To Clean Just : Plug, Shake, Rinse

Check out full instructions at

Silicone plugs used for cleaning small pipes, large pipes, water pipes, bongs, Rigs, etc.

They are used to hold the cleaning solution securely inside the glass pipe while cleaning. No more messes on the outside of the pipe! No more wasting plastic bags and kitchen containers! – SAVES MONEY ON CLEANING SOLUTION and SAVES TIME!

The TRUSTY PLUGS are a must have for all glass pipe owners!

See demo videos at you tube – copy and paste links from below or search for our ‘save-a-bowl” channel on youtube

****NOTE: To avoid plugs slipping out, make sure the glass opening is not wet before inserting the plug into the hole! This is generally only a concern with stems and tubes where the plugs are squeezed between a large surface area of glass. After rinsing or adding solution just make sure the hole is dry where the plug is to be inserted. As an added precaution it is ideal to hold a finger over the plugs whenever possible, and check that the plugs are still snug after a bout of shaking ****

Pipe Clean Video:

Rig Clean Video:

Note: video is for demonstration only, plugs are subject to change, but will include the same or better functionality and range in sizes.

Package #1(plugs also included in package #2)
1 x 11mm – 16mm plus stem(clear)
2 x 6mm – 13mm plus stem(blue)
3 x 1mm – 8mm
(plug sizes and quantities are subject to change without notice. Even though the plugs may be different, any changes made to the package will be made to increase the number of holes the plugs will fit)

Package #2
1 x big plug: 25mm – 52mm
1 x 16mm – 25mm
2 x 6mm – 22mm
2 x 9mm – 12 mm
3 x 1mm – 8mm
2 x 6mm – 13mm plus stem(blue)
1 x 11mm – 16mm plus stem(clear)


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