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Blazy Susan – Making A Splash on Etsy

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Blazy Susan Logo

The Blazy Susan Brand Is making noise on Etsy

The other day I was browsing Etsy to see what was shaking in the world of small business entrepreneurs when I came a cross a brand called “Blazy Susan”. At first glance I didn’t think much of the 3 pink rolling cones being offered up at $7.99, but as I kept browsing Etsy’s endless list of smoking pipes more and more Blazy Susan products popped up in the search results with a caption that read: ‘BestSeller’.

I remember thinking to my self, “how could everyone of Blazy Susan’s products be a best seller?”, after all they are basically just a pink over priced version of products that are already on the market. “Could it be that throwing a pink branding scheme onto a product would increase it’s value and popularity?”

After scrolling a few more pages of glass pipes I finally gave in and decided to check out the Blazy Susan shop hoping to find something unique, or at the very least some insight as to how this company was selling so many overpriced items, but it turn out there was really nothing to find.

They had some good reviews and from what I could gather their customer base appeared to be made up entirely of women; so maybe this brand had a whole movement around it?

Normally I would just leave Well Enough alone, but this time I took a journey to Blazy Susan’s website and clicked on the “About Us” link. I really just needed to get to the bottom of how such a young company was making such a splash with ordinary products and a shit ton of competition.

Expecting to find a mission statement along the lines of feminism, I was shocked to see the Founder and CEO was a male; but perhaps even more surprised to find that there was no intrinsic massage nor meaning behind the Blazy Susan brand and color scheme.

A more curious mind might have scoured social media trying to figure out what this brand is all about, but I was to lazy to break out the Tor browser and log into my fake accounts just to look for a bigger meaning when the truth was probably staring me right in the face. My guess is that “Blazy Susan” is nothing more than a brilliant marketing ploy, and if it is kudo’s to you Will!

You see – women leave more reviews, are more likely to buy a product based on identity and status rather than it’s practicality, and much more likely to share with friends than there male counter parts. All this knowledge is backed up in study after study so hold your tongue before labeling me a misogynist; it’s just science!

If this is indeed the strategy Blazy Susan is taking it is both brilliant and disgusting depending on who you ask. The brilliant side of the strategy is that the company will not only profit more by over charging consumers, they will also rise threw the digital ocean of competitors by using the same consumers to increase their SEO ranking and social media network – in other words Blazy Susan is trying to become the “Supreme” version of the cannabis industry. If you have never heard of the brand “Supreme” you should look it up, especially if you are looking to pay $1,000 for a crowbar with the word “Supreme” printed on it that could otherwise find for $1 at the Dollar Tree on a lucky day.

In any case, maybe you like the logo, pink color, and paying more for products – if so you can find Blazy Susan products on their website or on their Blazy Susan Etsy shop. There seems to be quite a bit of interest in the Blazy Susan brand according to Etsy so check them out if that’s your thing.

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