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Helix Pipe – American Helix – Best Pipe!

The Helix Pipe by American Helix
The Helix Pipe – Arguably the best functioning smoking pipe on the market!

The helix pipe is not just a sexy piece of glass, it is also one of the best functional smoking pipe styles in existence.

Many companies make such a pipe, but some do it better than the rest.

What set’s the competition apart you ask?

Two things – design, and craftsmanship!

Even though the shape of the helix pipe can also be considered part of the design, in this article we are referring to the character of the pipe created when the artist adds colors and additional glass to either the inside of the pipe, the outside of the pipe, or both. And the Craftsmanship refers to symmetrical and structural shape of the Helix chamber.

The design is primarily put in place to please the eye, but the esthetics of the pipe is still very important. Just as the dark hues of the color blue will suppress your appetite, the character of the helix pipe can similarly affect your smoking enjoyment. Many tokers choose a smoking pipe with colors that speak to them and you would be hard pressed to find a smoker who prefers a plain clear-glass pipe, but the shape of the helix pipe is so beautiful and yet so simplistic that it’s cylindrical beauty can be appreciated without any addition at all.

There are many manufactures and many variations to suit your needs, but when it comes down to the functionality of the helix pipe we need to start talking symmetrical perfection. The main purpose of this style pipe is to provide a smooth consistent toke that cools down the smoke before it enters the mouth. If this symmetry is off by any amount it not only makes the pipe look less than stellar, it also harsh-ens the hit due to the elevated temperatures of the smoke hitting the esophagus and lungs; As any cannabis smoker can attest to – harsh tokes make it difficult to enjoy the taste of the bud and ultimately leaves one wishing they had made a better pipe selection.

How the Helix Pipe Works

The helix pipe cools down the smoke by mixing air that is stored in the huge chamber of the stem and the combusted smoke being drawn threw the bowl. During this exchange the cooler chambered air and the hotter combusted smoke create a pressure differential that allows for efficient mixing, thereby dropping the temperature of the smoke before it hits the esophagus and lungs. It is this desirable effect puts the helix styled smoking pipe on par with a water pipe such as a bubbler that uses water as the cooling agent. See picture below as a reference.

Heat exchange from a helix pipe.
How the Helix pipe works

So what does this mean if the helix chamber is not blown perfectly? – hotter smoke, a lousy tornado visual of the two bodies of air mixing, and a lop sided looking pipe.

Who makes the best Helix Pipe?

In my opinion the master of the helix style pipe is American Helix. If you are looking for great looking functional piece you need to check them out, and if not you should still check out their Instagram page. Not only are their pipes great, they also take some truly amazing photos and videos.

If you’re new to smoking and aren’t sure what type of pipe to choose – check out this article: Best Pipe To Smoke Out Of


  • Why Smoke from a Helixical pipe? To save your lungs and enjoy the true essence of your herbs.
  • What makes the Helixical pipe effective? The mixture between the large cool air reserve located in the pipes stem and the combustible smoke from the herbs.
  • Who makes the best Helix pipe? American Helix

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