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Pyptek Prometheus Pipe And Save-A-Bowl

Pyptek prometheus metal and glass pipes
Prometheus pipes from Pyptek – Includes a save-a-bowl

If you are looking for a durable pipe that your save-a-bowl will fit perfectly you may be interested in the “Prometheus” pipe made by Pyptek.

The Prometheus is hybrid smoking pipe made of aluminum and glass which attempts to produce a smoking experience on par with glass pipe while providing the strength and protection of a rock.

The pipe has 4 main body parts, a metal screen, and a few rubber o-rings and each part can be replaced it gets damaged.

The main body parts are: one aluminum bowl housing, one glass bow insert, one aluminum shaft housing, one glass tube insert.

When the parts are fitted together the hybrid pipe looks like a glass pipe inside a metal pipe , although it is not exactly that.

Most glass pipes have a round chamber bellow the bowl that fills up with smoke before releasing the carb, but the promethius has a metal chamber. While I wasn’t initially thrilled with the metal chamber, it turns there are two great benefits that come from this design:

  1. When the chamber is not gunked up with resin, the metal acts as a heat sink and cools down the smoke as it passes threw the chamber which in turn creates a smoother hit that helps prevent coughing.
  2. The chamber is easily accessible by unscrewing the metal housing so cleaning is super simple provided you clean it frequently.

The draw back of the design is that it can be incredibly hard to unscrew the metal housing if too much resin builds up, but since it is so easy to clean otherwise, owners should clean their pipe frequently. It’s all about pipe hygiene people!

One added benefit is that the Prometheus also comes with a Pyptek branded save-a-bowl, but if you already have a regular sized save-a-bowl it will fit on the Prometheus perfectly.

Choose a Save-A-Bowl to match your pipe.